2020 Bracket Battle: Reviver Edition — There Can Only Be One

For the past three weeks, we have debated, we have campaigned, and you have voted… all to get to this final moment.  


We asked you to weigh in each round to determine which fan favorite was worthy of another shot at life… who should be given the chance to defy the laws of nature and history to return for a comeback.  


BRACKET BATTLE: REVIVER EDITION has been decided and our winner - by considerable margin - is…  



 BW TY.gif


She’s an assassin with a heart of gold who battled her way through five considerable foes to one of the clearest victories in Bracket Battle history. Never a close match-up, she’s been a Bracket darling from the very beginning.  

 BW smile.gif

Thanks to all who voted and debated this year’s battle. And, thanks to all those who guessed the theme for this year’s battle, we have plenty of ideas for next year’s event.  


Stay safe out there!  


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