WPM is still using old SHA1 certificate after the 2023.2 upgrade

Hi Team,

I have noticed that after upgrading to 2023.1 and next to 2023.2, I still have old SHA1 certificate for WPM Playback. This could be a potential security issue.

Below release notes for WPM 2023.1 include new certificate:


"WPM SSL Certificate is now signed using SHA256 encryption algorithm or higher."

I have manually removed it from Certificate Authority and ran Configuration Wizard. This resolved my problem and now I have SHA512 certificate:

However, this should be replace during the upgrade process. I hope this helps you and SolarWinds will correct the installer Slight smile

Take care, Marcin.

Update: As per discussion in comments, as an alternative solution, you could delete the certificate and restart the machine. New certificate will be created without running Configuration Wizard.

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  • Hi

    I have done a snaphot of my main poller before doing those steps, so I restored it and tried your suggestion. I removed the certificate and restarted all WPM services. The certificate was not recreated. Next, I restarted Windows Server and certificate was recreated. So, there is an option to repair it without Configuration Wizard, but it would require a reboot. Thanks, I will include this in my post, as an alternative option.

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