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Difficult password field - Is it possible to decrypt and edit the recordings files of the new player?

Hi All,

I've got a transaction i'd like to record that uses a pin field with some sort of thing on it that interacts badly with the WPM recorder. Actions taken elsewhere on the page record fine, but no actions are recorded from the keyboard when interacting with the field.

Having tried an array of workarounds I've thrown in the towel with recording the process.

I've found with some weird clicks and whatnot I can get the thing referenced, and I wonder if I can use that reference to script in the actions manually.

The new web recording format seems to be encrypted as default. Any means to decrypt outside of the recorder itself?

Kind regards

  • If the dialog for the PIN is not part of the page, then you will not be able to record it.

    As for the recordings saved to a file - there are encrypted by default and there is no easy option to decrypt it - There is no public API that you can use to do it. And even if there was it would be rather hard to edit the file manually and it would be rather highly error-prone to get that recording to work.

    The best option I can recommend is to report a CI for it to SolarWinds support, they should confirm if this is a bug in a product or if it is rather some unsupported scenario.