WPM: Current Screenshot location

Hello - I'm looking for the directory path where the current screenshots are kept.  I'm also curious how long these files are kept before being removed automatically.  I need to go back and pull some of these screenshots to prove that the alerts are not a false-positive.


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  • for followup if you need to you can output the screenshots as a byte array from the DB to some long term storage if you want and then there's some powershell or equivalent to turn that byte array back into a jpg

  • Good catch! I read and responded too quickly thinking was looking for the complete history of screenshots good or bad. Let me find the location of the images in the "last 10" widget and also see if we have any suggestions for extraction for longer term storage... The last 10 can cycle out quickly depending on the situation. 

  • Did some digging on the topic and it's interesting the difference between the SQL and SWQL structure. SWQL tells me i've got (at max) >2k screenshots for one transaction step, however I think in SQL this is because they're all the same.

    in SWQL they're in tables under SEUM referencing "large" data

    I happen to have messed with this a bit already and can confirm that export is fine, but i've been looking for a method to convert the byte array into an image such that it's embedded in an email and wouldn't require solarwinds auth. Would love it if you stumble across that.

  • This is the SWQL we have internally

    SELECT TOP 1000 TransactionId, TransactionStepId, RecordingId, StepId,
    TransactionSteps.Step.Name, WarningThreshold, CriticalThreshold, OptimalThreshold,
    TransactionSteps.Transaction.LastDateTimeUtc, ScreenshotId, ScreenshotDateTimeUtc,
    FROM Orion.SEUM.TransactionSteps

    SELECT TOP 1 TransactionId, TransactionStepId, DateTimeUtc, Duration, Status, ScreenshotId,
    FROM Orion.SEUM.StepResponseTimeDetail (nolock=true)
    ORDER BY DateTimeUtc DESC