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How to downgrade previous version 2020.2.6, currently we have 2022.4

Post upgrade into 2022.4 WPM we have lots of false positive alerts for all the transactions, anyone please give me the steps to downgrade to the previous version 2020.2.6.

FYI, we have deleted the snapshots and need to install 2020.2.6 manually. installation steps will be helpful.


  • , so unfortunately this would only be possible if you still had a copy of the DB from when it was on 2020.2.6. Downgrading a DB that has been upgraded is not possible in my experience. If you still had a copy of the DB from when it was on 2020.2.6 you could uninstall the app and then re-install 2020.2.6 and point to the restored DB from that same version. You would obviously lose all data (polled metrics and configuration changes) that has been done in between, so depending on how old the DB copy would determine the data loss you'd be in for. To be completely honest its probably more beneficial if you could determine the cause of the false positive alerts and work to resolve that. What's the behavior you're experiencing? Have you put in a support ticket? if so, you can paste the support ticket number in here and an SW employee can assist in getting more eyes on it if required. 

  • Hi , we upgraded the version from 2020.2.6 to 2022.3 post upgrade we are getting lots of false positive alerts for all the transactions (26), after that, we upgraded to 2022.4 but still, we are on the same page.

    Post our upgrade only we are getting this kind of false positive alert with the error "No elements clicked", we created a support ticket and they suggested adding a waiting time period in the already recorded files. after that events got reduced but still we are getting down events by every day for all the transactions. Our support ticket is case # 01233591.

    for degradation, we have DB in the same server in which we currently installed SolarWinds Orion as the primary engine and there is no ADP.

    My question is why is fluctuating post our upgrade and for all the transactions it's throwing an error, this is the reason for downgrading the previous version.

    As I mentioned above is it possible to get the data already there in the DB on the downgrade?

  • Why is it fluctuating post upgrade is something that we wont be able to determine unless we have a similar issue.

    But as chris has clearly mentioned - Only if you have a copy of your old DB in that case you can restore the DB back in time and then uninstall your module and install 2020.2.6 and connect it with the restored DB, thats the only possible approach.

    But then if DB is intact in that case the data till that day should still be there in it, but for the time between the old DB and the existing one what ever changes that were made will be lost.

    Downgrading isn't a very easy or suggested approach when it comes to SolarWinds, you should rather continue working with support to get a permanent fix for it. 

    When you upgrade your modules there are a lot of moving parts to it, if its a fresh install then its a little different.

    We wouldnt know if something changed on the backend code or if database schema was changed or lot of other things.

    If there is a possibility to have a fresh install - you can try that option as well, rather than downgrading this one. But if you have too many things already in place on your WPM then this is not a suggested approach.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for your suggestions, we didn't make that much of changes post our upgrade activity into 2022.4,

    can we get the data same data from 2020.2.6?

    and FYI, we have the DB instance in the same server on which we currently installed Orion. 

  • Yes, if you backed up the complete database for 2020.2.6 all the configuration data should still remain intact. But its good to cross check this once, in older versions we had to backup a few application related files manually, I am assuming that isn't the case now.

    But the only issue that i see here is since everything is on the same server even though you uninstall the application it might not have cleaned up all the remains on it, my concern is post uninstallation of 2022.4 when you try to reinstall 2020.2.6 on the same server if there are any remains from 2022.4 what then ? This is why I am hesitant with this approach Disappointed

  • Post our upgrade only we are getting this kind of false positive alert with the error "No elements clicked"

    , this is often caused by the page not rendering in the same resolution as what it was recorded at so the recording is slightly off. On top of adding in time delays you can also rerecord that portion and use the X,Y coordinate for the "clicking" of the element. Additionally, you can also add in some text verification before "clicking" the element to ensure the page is completely loaded prior to clicking. 

    as far as downgrading I still wouldn't recommend it, especially knowing that the DB and the application are hosted on the same server. As has mentioned there are too many possibilities for failure. 

  • , sure you can review the logs for WPM in this location


  • Thanks for your suggestions, sometimes multiple transactions go down at the same time period, and we are unable to trace the errors, is there any option or how to find out the errors in the logs?

  • I could see the logs with an error message as "<message>Probe process has failed with exit code 1"

    Did you know any solutions for this?

  • , not off the top of my head, and in a brief Google search it indicates this could occur for a number of reasons. Sounds like something that would be worth mentioning on your already opened support case to see if they can assist you with tracking down the actual reason for the error.