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Can I update the AgentID via Set-SwisObject?

I'm attempting to create a tool that will allow users to easily switch the AgentID on transactions. I have a few questions with the biggest being is this actually possible with Set-SwisObject?

If this is possible will I need to restart the orion services like it's stated in the following KB or can that be avoided?

While testing this I'm getting the following error "Set-SwisObject : Alias [AgentID] already defined" after attempting to run the following code:
$URITEST = "swis://"
Set-SwisObject $swis -Uri $URITEST -Properties @{AgentID = 2}

Any help would be appreciated.

  • I'm not the expert in swis but it seems to me that you are getting this error because the parameter AgentId is already defined in $URITEST and  in the second command you want to add another parameter with the same name (-Properties @{AgentID = 2})