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Dashboard view limitation set to one group of servers and WPM active alerts appearing.

I have built a new dashboard and set view limitations (Group of Nodes) on it so that my customer cannot see anything else apart from this group of nodes and i've added active alerts resource on the right of the page, the active alerts is displaying the correct node alerts but its also displaying the WPM transaction failure alerts too.

Why is this happening? Surely my limitation should stop these unrelated active alerts from appearing?

My workaround is to include another limitation that includes a fake WPM player location name pattern that will never exist so the active alerts for WPM transactions disappear.

Any ideas please let me know?

  • One thing to add is that I cannot add two limitations to the view so others who view this dashboard will see the alerts from WPM when the limitation should only display alerts from the Single group.

    This would be a great additional feature being able to specify multiple view limitations per view instead of relying upon the user limitations.