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Experience/Advice for WPM player in a container platform?

Hey everyone!

A couple of factors have led to us looking at having more WPM playback servers in our environment. The biggest one is that we've locked down our core Orion server in terms of outbound traffic, which is playing havoc with our recordings.

We're still evaluating the best balance between cost and reliability/uptime. One area we are looking at is installing it in our container platform. We have a hybrid environment - RH OpenShift on-premises, AWS and Azure for cloud resources.

I've found articles talking about deploying Windows images to OpenShift containers, so I know it is at least possible. So I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this? The ideal, naturally, would be to create a playbook that would just deploy and configure the base WPM, but that might be pie in the sky.

  • Older versions of WPM used to allow deploying a packed EC2 instance to AWS, so its definitely doable.
    We used to use this very configuration.

    In the end, the WPM agent is pretty simple to install which should make adding it to a simple windows image build process.