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What's New in WPM 3.0 - Chromium Based Recorder and Player

With the release of WPM 3.0 we are breaking free from dependence on Internet Explorer! We spent a considerable amount of time re-implementing the WPM recorder and player based on Chromium. Basing the product on Chromium helps to insure that going forward WPM will not be hindered by any proprietary technology. We still have a bit of work to do to achieve complete feature parity with the old recorder and player so the old recorder is still distributed with the product and is still fully supported. In addition to a new browser engine, the WPM recorder has received an update to its user interface as well. Usage of the recorder will still be very familiar to those that have used it for years and easy to use for those who are new to the product. I have included a few screen shots below to get you up to speed on the new look but of course the best way for you to experience the new look is to download and install the new bits today!


If you're looking for release notes and other supporting documentation please click the links below:



There are also some great new platform features delivered with this release of WPM:



New recorder on the start menuNew recorder upon start up
File menu in new recorderNew recorder in action creating a transaction