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WPM Recording to Edit

Is there a way to edit a particular step in the wpm recording? We have a use case to change a particular step on 100+ recordings due to a change on sso landing page. With current situation looks like we need to re-record the entire recording. Since the underneath step will be deleted when we continue recording from a particular step.Any help here wpuld be appreciated
  • It is possible to make changes, but the way it works is you select an existing step to which you want to then add to the recording from that point. The problem with this, is that it deletes all of the existing actions from that point, as you are required to re-record the whole of the transaction from that point.

    In your case, this may be OK if the change is near the end and not much benefit if it is at the early part of recording.

  • you can also export the action as an xml file, then see if you can figure out how to modify that part of the xml to make the change you can import them back in.

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