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Validate transaction logs

We are randomly getting "resource not found" or "this page can't be displayed" alerts for transactions. Is there any way to validate the logs from Solarwinds end as well as from application end to check if these are false alerts or if the application is actually down since the application team is stating these alerts as false alerts.

  • WPM does not provide this function, but the SAM application will allow you to interrogate application log files, which in this case will be your web server logs. There are two default templates for Log Parsing; PowerShell and Linux based, which you could use to look for keywords which indicate issues with the web server/site.

    This is always a good way to implement monitoring i.e. where you are using multiple sources of data to identify, correlate and confirm a service is down/experiencing performance issues. I would however look to resolve the WPM issue where the website is reporting such output. Are the screenshots of the monitored page/s giving an indication, have you checked for any DNS issues. If you do already have SAM, then put a simple HTTP/S monitor in place, so you are effectively getting two engines performing web page checks, while you sort this issue out.