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Give us your use cases for WPM

As we continue to work on feature parity and refine the features in the new WPM 3.0 recorder we are interested to see how customers are using certain features in the old recorder so that we can insure we provide a useful experience. Here is your chance to help us with that goal. We are looking for use cases where the following features are required.

  • Image Match
  • X, Y Capture Mode
  • Conditional Blocks
  • File Upload / Download

If you have a use case (preferably with screen shots or an exported recording you are willing and able to share) please leave it in the comments below!


  • One thing I'm not seeing immediately that could be handy is the ability to rotate/randomly set passwords.

    Use case: We have an account management page that allows our students to update their passwords. Our developers have written an API call that goes into the backend server and changes a service account's password every 5 minutes.

    We would like to replicate this in WPM. Specifically:

    - goto the account management website

    - login as service account and with password

    - click on "change password" option

    - enter randomized password (that meets our criteria)

    - click to submit password

    - validate the "password update successful" text/image we provide

    - logoff the account management system

    - When the loop is repeated, use the newly set / randomly generated password.

    - If the system does not successfully update its password, use the previous one. (more advanced)

    We could probably get by just having WPM login and logout, but the full password change process is worth tracking for us.

  • changing passwords regularly for recordings is something we need as well. Going in to each recording and manually editing each password is not feasible. I second this.

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