Does there exist step-by-step instructions for recording in the newest version, either docs or video?

Just completely rebuilt, from the ground up, using the newest version of WPM, 2023.3.1, on a new VM Win server 2022 and activated the license from an old Win server 2012 w/version 2015.x.x on it. Totally new to me. I'm in search of something along the lines of "WPM for Dummies" to recreate some of the recordings I had in place on the old system. Not that may, only 15 websites but I've tried a few recordings and they're not showing up on the dashboard and I'm not even sure if they're created correctly. We don't need to navigate through any of the websites, just ensure that they are up and available to be logged into. In the old version, this was simple but in the new one, there's choices of Pingdom (which I know nothing about), Orion server or locally which I'm not sure of the difference between the two. Any guidance would be appreciated.