Any planned updates?

There hasn't been any updates to "What we are working on" for WPM in quite a while. It almost seems as if WPM has become the forgotten child.

Has anyone seen any updates for feature equivalency of the "new" recorder/player to the deprecated?   It has been years since this new version was released and there are still many features that have not been updated that are in the deprecated version.  Two that I am eager for:

1) Ignore certificate errors

2) Conditional branching

Both are in the feature request area even though they shouldn't need to be since they are features in the deprecated version.


  • Hypothetically you can workaround the `Ignore certificate error` issue by using an electron switch called `--ignore-certificate-errors`.

    You need to have the newest SolarWinds Platform 2023.4.

    To use it you only have to start the WPM Recorder process with that switch as the command line, i.e. `WPM Recorder.exe --ignore-certificate-errors`.

    To configure it for the player you need to modify WPM Player setting file located at C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\SEUM\Data\AgentSettings.dat. And under `<electronProcessSwitches />` you need to add an entry `<switch>ignore-certificate-errors</switch>`.

    Keep in mind that this will disable any certificate-related errors for all playbacks so if you have any transaction that should respect the SSL certificates then you should redirect its playback to a location that doesn't have the above switch set.

    Certificate error issues are often caused by certificate misconfiguration on the WPM Player location (for example missing intermediate certificate in the certificate store or the certificate is not added to the Root CA store so it is not trusted - they are easy to fix)

    As for the conditional branching we will be looking at that as we work to close out IE related code in the product. We are currently working on some tools that will allow folks to migrate recordings without having to necessarily manually recreate them. If conditional branching is found to be a cause of significant amounts of conversion failure, we may look at prioritizing that in a set of new feature parity items before fully removing the IE recorder from the shipped product. When we did the research into customer usage patterns when we originally released the new recorder, we found it to be a very rarely used feature.

  • Thanks.   Apparently you can put that same switch in the RecorderSettings.dat.   At least on 2023.4.1

    This is not a certificate misconfiguration.  We are a MSP and host web sites for customers.   Sometimes they want to use their own internal AD certificate and only publish the DNS entry on their internal DNS.   So we need to monitor by OUR FQDN which causes the the cert mismatch.  Our only solution was using either hosts files (ugh) or the deprecated recorder.   I would still prefer to be able to use the recorder to indicate whether or not to ignore a cert error on a per recording basis rather than globally.

    I can provide several use cases for conditional branching.  But they all revolve around popup windows after login that sometimes appear - like upcoming maintenance, password expire, license approaching limits.