Moving Away from Internet Explorer in WPM

As the title of this post suggests, it is time for us to bid Internet Explorer (IE) a fond farewell from the world of Web Performance Monitor (WPM). While IE has been with us in WPM since the beginning, Microsoft put IE out to pasture some time ago and it is time for us to follow suit. Starting with WPM version 3.0, we introduced support for Chromium and the bulk of our efforts in the recorder and player have been centered on Chromium. IE-based code has only been updated to fix serious bugs and security issues. We understand that Microsoft enabled “IE Mode” in its current browser, “Edge” and there are certain scenarios where IE support may be extended for long term support customers, but it is time for us to begin removing IE so we can simplify our code base and focus our efforts on making WPM the best product it can be with a single browser engine. 

With the above said, we recognize there are still many IE-based transactions running in production environments. When we speak to customers, one of the main concerns they have about this change is that it is a very time-intensive process to recreate IE-based transactions in the new Chromium-based recorder. To that end, we are introducing a conversion tool that will attempt to automate conversion of IE transactions over to Chromium. This tool will be available starting with the 2024.1 version of WPM. Our intention is to iterate on this tool, based on feedback from customers so that we can improve conversion results consistently and drive down the number of production IE transactions as low as possible before releasing a version of WPM completely free of IE.  

Our goal is to deliver an IE free version of WPM by the end of 2024. However, we will closely monitor feedback from customers as 2024 progresses to ensure customers are fully ready for this change and in a position to continue successful use of WPM without IE included. 


Q: Does this mean all my IE-based transactions will stop working if I install 2024.1? 

A: No, not at all. The only change coming in 2024.1 is the inclusion of the conversion tool to help you start the process of moving away from IE-based transactions. 

Q: I like the idea of converting my transactions, but I will have to run the converted transactions in parallel to ensure they perform as expected. Running dual transactions will exceed my license, can I have a temporary expansion of my license to accommodate this? 

A: Yes, absolutely. We are committed to making this process as smooth as possible for customers. Please reach out to your sales representative for assistance. 

Q: If I run the conversion tool, does it mean my old transactions will be deleted?  

A: No, you have complete control of when the converted transactions start running and when the old transactions stop. 

Q: What should I do if some of my transactions will not convert? 

A: Open a support ticket so our team can facilitate gathering of logs and information. We’ll use that feedback to iterate and improve the conversion tool. 

Q: Will the tool be able to convert 100% of transactions at some point? 

A: No, there will be some use cases that will not be able to convert, and you will have to manually recreate those transactions, but our goal is to make that situation the exception rather than the rule. 

Q: How will I know when IE has been completely removed from the product? 

A: We will clearly state it in the relevant release notes for the version where that change will be made. You will also see pre-flight checks in the installer that will inform you if there are still IE transactions running in your environment that cannot be supported once IE is removed from the product. 


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