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WHD Report for Software Inventory Derived from Assets with Installed Software in Asset Details (Case # - 01324166)

Case # - 01324166

Software Inventory in WHD

In Web Help Desk (WHD) 'Assets' view, we can see a list of Installed Software in the 'Asset Details' tab of a particular asset that has software installed.

I would like to create a report that creates a list of all software installed on all assets or specific assets, and if there is a duplicate item just list the number of installs per item.

One example of a Software List would be a TSV, CSV file exportability with columns for:

Software Manufacturer (i.e. Microsoft, etc.), Software Name (i.e. Windows), Version (i.e. 7, 10, 11), Number of Installs (# of assets with installed), Installed OS (If not an OS itself, which OS has this software installed i.e. Red Hat Linux, Windows 10, Debian Linux 10, Mac OS, etc...), Date Expires (if able to retrieve license info)

It would be nice to be able to configure the report with the fields we want to see, mix and match, from all fields available in the database.

We might only want to see all Windows 10 Software, or Linux Software, or a specific Assets' software, or software with a certain version, etc...