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Web Help Desk - Ticket Screen Layout

Web help desk (WHD) is now the software of choice for SIL International.  We have a potential of over 10,000 clients and almost 200 techs located around the world.

In a resent meeting of some of our super users of WHD they had some great suggestions about the Ticket screen layout.  So I am passing them on to SolarWinds:

  1. While it is possible to print a ticket, the popup window with the ticket layout should have a standard printer icon on it.  The right click the window and use drop down to pick the printer is clumsy.
  2. When in a Ticket, a tech needs to transfer it to another tech not in the tech group, they need to pick the name from a list of every tech on the WHD.  First, it would be better if the names are to be sorted by last name to display the names Last Name, First Name to help finding a person faster.  Second since the techs can now have a color code associated with them, why not display that color in this list (each of our service centers has a color so transferring between service centers would be faster)
  3. The ribbon bar should change when we work on a ticket as a tech.  It should contain the Save, Save and Email icons at least.
  4. Most of our techs have flat screens that work best in landscape mode.  It would be great if the ticket boxes could be arrange to show boxes side by side instead of all in one row.
  5. Many of our techs are use to being able to move the screen boxes around to match their work situation, it would be great if we could do that with the ticket screen.  Like moving the Ticket Status to the top of the stack, followed by the notes section.
  • I think it would be great if you could arrange the layout of the ticket yourself to customize what works best for your organization.

  • Happy to run across this Feature request, especially with #4 on this list. I was going to request a save button also be available towards the top of the ticket so if you wanted to update something in the ticket towards the top, you wouldn't need to scroll to the bottom in order to save.

    Being able to move things around on your screen would be great, having the windows be side by side would already be very helpful as like you said, most of our techs use 24" wide screen monitors, and even with that kind of real estate, you must still scroll down to see everything.

  • In regards to #2, you can change sorting by going to Setup -> Client -> Options and changing Display Name template to "<last_name>, <first_name>"