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Variables in incoming emails

One of the feature were missing the most from our previous help desk software is the option to use email variables to pre-populate fields in tickets.

We use an after-our telephonist service for our help desk department and they do not have access to our corporate network (By policy, WHD is available only on the LAN or through VPN)

The telephonist gather information and sends an email with all the information so it gets reviewed by one of our on-call tech.

I would like to have email variables like:

  • @Client=Username
  • @Request_type=1
  • @Location=3
  • @Priority=5
  • @Ticket_type=2

Granted that the text is recognized by WHD, the text provided would pre-populate fields in the ticket (We used numbers to facilitate data entry for request type, location, priority and ticket type. Numbers were alias of the actual choices in the list), and be routed to the appropriate tech if after-hour service is needed, instead of having a tech screening every ticket coming in.