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Set the Default for the "Display as a Ticket Note" checkbox to TRUE (Checked)

Right now when using the "My Approvals" module in Web Help Desk to process approval requests, the "Display as a ticket note" checkbox under the "My Vote" column, defaults to FALSE (UnChecked).  This feature request is to change the application so that the "Display as Ticket Note" checkbox is checked (TRUE) by default:

The use case for this is in most cases, the outcome of the "Vote" should be visible on the ticket.  Only in situations where the approver wishes to omit the result of their vote from the ticket, should the approver be forced to uncheck the box.  That's because the belief is that most approvers want to have the comments on their vote visible by default.

Additionally, the checkbox is NOT something the approver can modify after the if they do happen to forget to check this box when approving requests, they can't fix it later to make their approval comments visible on the ticket.  The theory is that most approvers wouldn't be purposely hiding their justification for Yes/No why have the design almost encourage the omission by default?

Checking the "Display at Ticket Note" checkbox by default, discourages accidental omission.  Right's more likely an approvers comments go unseen when approving or declining approval requests.  That's NOT good design.