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Search Tickets - Add "Advanced Search" term to find Tickets that are Children OR Parents

This feature request is to add an "Advanced Search" term to Web Help Desk that allows you to find tickets that are CHILDREN or PARENTS:

Use Case: Right now, you're not able to search for tickets that are CHILDREN to other tickets which for example...that haven't yet been closed.  You're also not able to just find PARENT tickets that haven't been closed.  Instead you must know a specific request type to search for or flag tickets to find them later, neither of which are efficient methods of keeping track of tickets.

Why would this feature help?  Specifically when it comes to PROBLEM MANAGEMENT, the need arises to send out an update to EVERY child ticket associated to that PARENT so that each client receives an individual email updating them on the status of a problem. 

For example:  This message is to update you on the status of the server outage you experienced this morning.  We expect the issue to be resolved by 4 PM Eastern Today.  Please be patient as we continue to work with our vendors.

Right now in order to send out such a message, you can't simply update the PROBLEM ticket with a note and have it be sent out to all of the contacts in the children tickets associated to the problem.  That feature doesn't exist...instead you have to search for the individual children tickets and add a "bulk comment" and Send it that way, in order for all contacts to be updated.

The process of searching for these CHILD tickets would be greatly enhanced with the addition of a new Advanced Search Term that would allow you to find CHILD tickets or PARENT tickets, just like you can find Assets using the "Relation" search term: