Scheduling Vacation with expiration

It would be very useful to allow techs to enter date range of scheduled vacation time ahead of their absence and have it expire when they are expected to return.

  •  although this feature isn't yet working properly, it seems as if this feature request should be closed as in general the feature now exists.

  • Pretty sure this got implemented in release 12.7.12 (detailed here) but it's been done poorly and doesn't work as described.  I love that someone at SolarWinds took the risk to implement this type of feature, but I HATE that they don't seem to have anyone backing them up.  For example, who's vetting the changes and making sure that they're being done in a way that actually works to specifications.  I really get the idea that SolarWinds is much more a marketing agency putting up websites that make their products appear as if they're functional...then behind the scenes after the bills are's all vaporware and managed by one single guy at a desk who smokes a lot and mumbles in foreign tongues.  SolarWinds doesn't look very good from a company perspective...especially not if you judge it based on Web Help Desk alone.  It boggles my mind that the company sells a product (you can buy it now for several thousands of dollars) but then doesn't deliver quality.  It's only ever half done...and each successive update isn't necessarily progress towards something.  It's maybe a fix or two for a couple of things, and then huge breaks of existing features with no promise of ever fixing them.  It's kind of crazy my organization continues to pay for the product.  Maybe we're the problem and SolarWinds is just a predatory business.  Hmmm...

  • Looking at the current top-voted items, they are all from 2013. So not only are they the top suggested items, but they are 6+ years old. That is a good indicator to me how useful it is to post and vote up ideas here.

  • Came here to post this and found an existing post from 6 years ago. Why has this not been implemented yet? How many votes does it take?

    This is how it should have worked from the start. This way you're not relying upon someone to remember to check the vacation box at the end of their day right before a vacation.