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Quick Tickets - Add Ability to LINK New Ticket to an Existing Ticket

This feature request is to make it possible to program a Quick Ticket, so that you can associate the new ticket that's created using the future, to an EXISTING ticket.  Right now when you program a Quick Ticket, the top of the screen is absent the "Problem Search" and "Request Search" tab that will appear in a normal ticket:


This request is to add these items to the Quick Ticket setup screen, so that you can program Quick Tickets to be automatically linked to a Parent Ticket when they are created:

Why would you want this?  Because it is VERY typical for a PROBLEM to exist within an organization and then have 50+ calls come in reporting the same issue.  From a Problem Management standpoint, the current design limits your ability to have Help Desk Agents quickly create tickets AND link them to a parent and then take the next call.

In these critical "system down" situations we WANT tech's to create tickets and associate them to the problem and move quickly on to the next, so that as many phone calls can be taken as possible while not losing track of the customers that would like an update when the issue is resolved.

Having this feature enables the Help Desk Team to create tickets in users names who call, associate them to a PROBLEM quickly...and then for the 2nd level or administration team that manages the server that might be out, to quickly and easily update ALL Of those who called...when the issue is resolved.

Absent this feature, the likelihood that a Help Desk Agent in the middle of a barrage of calls...will remember to take the extra clicks to associate the ticket to a problem.  This defeats the value of using Web Help Desk for problem management and it's the reason this feature request is CRITICAL to the future of Web Help Desk.

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