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Parent - Child Ticket Visual Indicators - Linked and Closed


In the My Tickets and Group Tickets tabs list, provide:

  1.  A visual indicator for parent tickets that have child tickets, and child tickets that have parent tickets
  2.  A visual indicator for parent tickets that indicates when all child tickets have been closed

Such indicators can be icons and/or colors.


When an individual is hired or leaves my agency, we create a New Ticket which in turn, via Action Rules and Tasks, generates multiple child tickets that are assigned to various techs who must accomplish a task (e.g., create accounts in various systems, assign hardware as necessary, request access to external resources, etc.).  The parent ticket should not be closed until all child tickets are closed.

As of now (we are on the latest version as of this date), I have been unable to find a way to visually indicate in the My Tickets tab list that a ticket is parent/child ticket and, if a parent ticket, that all child tickets are closed.  This results in having to click into each ticket, one by one, to check that status of all other associated tickets.  This is a tedious task when there are many tickets to review, especially as one has to scroll and search for the last ticket reviewed before being able to locate the next ticket for review.

Please consider adding some sort of visual indicator (icon and/or colors) to denote such links and the current status of child tickets.

I have searched through THWACK and other Feature Requests for a solution without success.

Thank you.

  • Heart this idea!  I know this idea might seem "cheap and cheesy"...but maybe the developers can quickly implement what's being suggested, if they did what they already do when you choose the "Asset No." field as a column when using the "Edit Column Set" feature that exists already on the "My Tickets" and "Group Tickets" modules:

    If you could add both a "Parent Tickets" and "Child Tickets" column from the "Selected Columns" list when editing a Column Set, then the visual indicator for both would look something like this:

    I support more the idea of using colors or shapes even (I personally am color blind), to highlight situations where tickets are "Parents" or "Children", but I presume that idea might take the developers more time to work out how to do the color coding or shapes.    I've found that the simpler the design we request, the more likely the developers are willing to latch on to the idea and do it.

    Hope this helps!