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On-Demand Approval Process

Put simply, I would like to see an option to initiate an on-demand approval process from an existing ticket, with an option to select the approver(s) from a list and have the approval request email sent to only the selected approver(s). This unique process would likely also require (or would benefit from) having a note or description attached to the approval process, since it would not be using the pre-defined approval processes or request types.

The implementation of this feature seems like it would be simple enough to integrate into the current applications framework, but I'm no developer so I'll try not to assume too much.

  • AMEN!  This would be a great feature.  Does anyone at SolarWinds even read these?

  • In the previous company I worked for, we had a ticket system that could make changes in AD. for example.

    A user wants access to a network folder and makes a Request Access ticket. in the ticket there is a search where as the user is typing in the folder path in the field the possibilities are showing up under it, (like when you are filling out your address on some websites). Once the folder is selected and the ticket is sent. The ticket system searches a list of folder owners (Not the persons boss) and sends them an email with a link. The owner clicks on the link and chooses whether to give them access or not. If its a no, the ticket request gets an email saying your request was denied and the ticket is closed stating who denied the ticket. If it is approved. the ticket system sends a shell script to AD adding the user to the folder permissions. at the same time the user gets emailed saying your request has been approved. please log out and log back in for the changes to take place. and the ticket closes stating who approved the access.

    Keep in mind, your Security Groups need to be set up where the users will not be getting access to folders they shouldn't be and the folder owners should be aware that if they grant access to folder A they will also have access to folder B and C.

    Another why this could be used is when Printers are apart of Group policy.

    A user makes a ticket, selecting from the search field the Printer name and sends the ticket. Since it is a printer, approval is not needed (In most cases it is not needed, depends on your org.) The Ticket system sends a shell script to AD and adds the user to the Security Group of that printer. Then the gets an email from the Ticket system saying the Printer is added. (depending on how you set up the GP, you may need to run GPUpdate /force.

    It would be great to see this system be able to do this as well, it ensures every access was approved properly. and it saves the IT team time.

  • Request is 6 years old, and still not implemented

    not looking promising

  • This would be a huge improvement even to link to manager in AD or even to simply adhoc an approval person on a ticket.

    please please can this be looked at?

  • So this feature request is now 5 years old. Doesn't seem to difficult to add an approval button which would then display 2 options.

    1 - type in a user name and note to send an email to the person for approval

    2 - Select a pre-defined approval group (CAB), type a note and an email would be sent to the group for approval