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Make WHD tab friendly

Working with multiple tabs is a nightmare.

The interface is constantly losing track of the ticket you have open.

How to reproduce:

  1. Search for ticket 000001 and open it from the search results into a new tab
  2. Search for ticket 000002 and open it from the search results into a new tab
  3. Go to ticket 000001 tab and click ‘Asset Info’ and then click on ‘Ticket Details’.
    You will now see ticket 000002 instead of 000001

I've also gotten warnings from WHD when I had multiple tickets open, worked on one and attempted to close it. WHD then told me to make sure I copy/paste changes because nothing would be saved and then when I reloaded the page a completely different ticket showed up (that I had open on another tab likely from search results)

If WHD were made tab compatible this would also need to be changed:


That is useless as a tab name. "Ticket ######" would be far more useful.

Adding a "short name" configuration option could also enhance this feature.

Our ticket system instance has the title of "Teaching, Learning & Administrative Systems". This is great when you have the real estate to display it. When you don't the value of the "short name" field could be subbed in. For example our short name could be "VIU TLAS" and then tabs could display "VIU TLAS - Ticket ######" making the tabs very easy to identify.

Update - 2017-03-08 - Feed back from my Help Desk below

-Unable to work in two tickets when opened in the same browser session (including when using separate tabs). When switching to previous tab of a different ticket the page will refresh and load the most recent ticket you were viewing (this will cause you to lose an un-saved work on the prior ticket)

-Browser titles in browser window/tabs do not provide useful information


-Support multiple tickets browsing so that they can be opened and modifiable in the same browser session including tabbed browsing

-Browser titles of the page should reflect the ticket number (see below for more info)