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Live Chat Capability

Live Chat Capability

Integrate live chat capability that would allow clients who are logged in WHD to initiate a chat based on the request type for their issue. This would initiate a chat with whatever tech is logged into the Web Help Desk. A couple of things this would need in order to be useful:

• Allow chat support to be determined by request type and associated tech groups/lead techs who may be available for chat support.

• Allow techs to become unavailable to chat support (in case a tech group or a tech is not meant to do chat support).

• A way to track who is available for chat support in real time by administrators and/or group managers (perhaps via a widget in the dashboard).

• A way to track conversations with the client getting an e-mail of the conversation and a ticket being generated for record keeping in the system.

• Set a time frame for live chat to be available so that techs who log into WHD after business hours do not accidentally become available for chat support.

  • Check out 'Differentiate between being contacted and a ticket' in THWACK

  • Four years and counting on this idea. Let me add that we are looking for a solution with built in chat. Without it, Web Help Desk may become a thing of the past at our enterprise.

  • The best chat website integration I've seen is done by We couldn't afford it so we use

  • Generally contacting your sales guy works but SW changes them so often I'm guessing that wouldn't do a thing.

  • Thank you for your feedback on this.

    If we can make enough noise the all being well the may do something about it.

    In the meantime we do know that the THWACK Community is 24/7/365 and logging a support call is actually a last resort.

    If I unable to find the information that I am looking for within the official SolarWinds site or our THWACK Community then I will raise an incident with the SolarWinds Service Desk.

    To Date the THWACK Community wins…

    Despite this win, it would be good to still have a 24/7/365 Chat Service with the official SolarWinds Support Engineers, whom may even help us find the answer within the THWACK Community.

    In my opinion the pending SolarWinds Chat service will be the next best thing to actually talking to somebody about a problem that we have with the SolarWinds monitoring modules.