Open for Voting

Deliver notifications for application Updates and Security Releases in the UI for Web Help Desk

Hoping to make keeping up with WHD releases and security announcements more efficient.

It is a frustrating disconnect for system administrators to have to work with THWACK Forums notifications for Release announcements.

And given that ...

"SolarWinds recommends that you upgrade the applicable products you currently own and have deployed within your environment. If you cannot upgrade immediately and a mitigation is offered, we recommend applying it until you can upgrade."

... (which of course they should) and the WHD system can deliver notifications and Messages within the application UI for information from SolarWinds, eg. Licensing announcements, why can't similar notifications be provided for Security and Releases related announcements?

Hoping this feature request can be accepted to help address this frustration.

  • Not everybody's WHD is Internet aware (ie like Offline License Activation"). Also, Dashboards are quite heavy on CPU usage so some customers switch it off and might use other Tools to build their Dashboards directly off the WHD Database so overall this might not be a fix for all. Customers already have the Thwack Link hardcoded in view so they can check themselves. 

  • I might suggest this be using the "Dashboard" feature in Web Help Desk, kind of like how the "What's New" widget currently displays what's new in the version currently installed on the server: