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Custom Field Logic

It would be great to have custom fields that can be based on logic. For example, If field A is “1” then make field B and C available. Else do “do nothing” (or make field D or E available if you wanted). You get the idea.


  • Having the ability to use Custom Fields as a FORM would be great, and including the "if then else" logic to increase the "intelligence" of Web Help Desk custom fields would be AWESOME!

  • I'm shocked that this thread started 7 years ago and its still not in a completed state.... This logic is implemented in many other help desk solutions and I have recently questioned the programming team behind it. This site shows that they are only working on 3 items, if they are busy with other items that are improving the help desk, shouldn't they be reported somewhere? Customers should be able to make the vote precedence to what gets done first unless its from a security or patch perspective. But if its just features... this is a must!

  • My program has a lot of complexity in the ways we have to gather and use information submitted in tickets. Before transitioning over to Web Help Desk, we had to use this type of feature to gather detailed information that most of our clients would fail to provide if not asked. Right now, we have to use the Location and Room fields to gather only one piece of important information. Not having this feature has hindered us a ton in the 2 years we've been using this tool. I hope this feature can be added into the next update.

  • So, this feature was requested/proposed in 2013.  It's now 2018.  Where the heck are you on this?!  It's a feature that even non-ticketing websites like Sharepoint and even free blogs offer.  I'm even seeing free ticketing web solutions offering this. 

  • So glad to see the status changed to what were working on.