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Canned Tech Notes / Standard Reply

It would be great to see an option where standard replies can be chosen from a drop down list by techs. These standard replies would be similar to what a bulk action item does except it would be much more visible. And instead of saving the tech note in the ticket, the tech will have the option to edit the text before saving the ticket. These standard replies would be in a visible location within the Tech Note section and could be created by techs individually or made universal by Admins. Years ago I used BMC Service Desk Express and it had this functionality.

  • I agree that using Bulk Actions meets the need this feature is describing BUT from a design standpoint, it would make a TON more sense if I didn't have to scroll down to the bottom of the screen to use the feature...AND the feature didn't include all the other things you can do in a Bulk Action.  Using Bulk Actions CAN result in a lot of changes being made to a single ticket.  It would be nice to have a separate feature for "canned replies" that shows up as described...right at the top of a ticket note where it should be.  Which only adds canned notes...not all the rest of the stuff.  I get really tired of reading what are excuses...that suggest you can use another feature that wasn't designed to do what is being accomplish a task.  Features should be designed specifically...and not generically...because generic/vagueness leads to confusion...misuse and eventually abandonment when it comes to software features.  Web Help Desk doesn't exactly scream good design I'm not sure what we're all expecting by illustrating examples of good design, like a "Notes Feature" having a "Canned Notes" option right on the screen as you add a note...which makes sense.  That's why it's not already in Web Help Desk.  It makes sense!

  • I solved this by having a canned-response ticket category, then a category for each canned response. I have an Action for each of these that detects this category has been chosen, then the action modifies the ticket by adding the canned response, saving and closing the ticket.

    It's a lot of setup, but it works.

  • Any progress on this?

    Also would be great to have standard replied aka FAQs appear automatically as client types in the Subject or Request Details boxes depending on what they type, there is plenty of space on the screen to have an extra box on the page.

    This way it might be possible to head of Support Request by providing the client information before they submit a new ticket.



  • It would be nice for this to work in a number of ways:

    1) Tied to the categories like FAQs, so that you can define canned responses, and only responses appropriate to the category appear in your options under the tech notes field.

    2) Global and Personal like search queries.  This will allow setting up of global responses that all techs see in their category, as well as give them the ability to create their own for their use.