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Administrator account that does not use up a tech license

Just purchased Web Help Desk with 3 tech licenses. Was not told that the administrator takes up a tech license. So now we either lose a tech license or we lose administration, purchasing another tech license is not an option.

Would be a good feature to have the administrator account not included as a tech license and used solely to administer web help desk.

Most software packages I have used always include an administrator account built in.

  • I totally agree with this thread.  We've been using WHD since before the Solarwinds days, when the issue described here was not a problem; the admin account did not take up a tech license.  We use LDAP-enabled technician accounts, and never use the local admin account.  To be honest, when we upgraded we decided that we were not willing to dedicate (discard) a tech license to the built-in local administrator account.  So we leave it disabled.  Note that I still sleep well at night because I have the password for the local admin account documented, and should I ever need to use it, all I have to do is update the records in the TECH table in the back end of the database (SQL Server in our case) to temporarily disable one of my real technician accounts and enable the local admin.  While I agree that I shouldn't have to do this, and that the software should work as it used to, for me the greater good is to get full use of all the technician licenses we purchased.

  • I spent a couple hours on the phone trying to get at this very point.  A local admin account is absolutely needed and it shouldn't require a tech license to activate.

    All of our tech accounts are tied to Active Directory accounts, so if AD is down (god forbid!) or the bits aren't flowing in order to authenticate, no one can login to WHD!

    Having a local super admin account as a backup in order to make changes, or allow someone to temporarily make Tech LDAP accounts to  WHD accounts with local passwords, is essential for us.  And frankly, just seems like a smart thing to have.

  • Good idea to separate tech user with that of Admin users making room for developer to be added a admin instead of tech.

    We have 3 license lying with developers instead of tech where they only develop

    Add & Modify

         Company's, Locations, user/client, approval process, action rules, new asset info, new request types, create custom fields and so on.....