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12.7.12 Upgrade Issues When Using Case-Sensitive MySQL Database

Just posting this here in case someone runs into the same problem I did upgrading our Web Help Desk installation from 12.7.8 to 12.7.12. We run Web Help Desk on a Red Hat Linux server and it is configured to use a MySQL database running on a different Linux server. The MySQL database service has the default configuration of being case-sensitive. When I attempted to upgrade our Web Help Desk instance to 12.7.12 using the installer I downloaded from SolarWinds on 5/1/2023 the upgrade process would hang at the "Updating Database" step. Eventually it would timeout with the error message "An error occurred while updating the database. Please contact administrator". All the Web Help Desk tables names in our instance's database are named in all capital letters. The Web Help Desk upgrade process runs a script it has which attempts to execute MySQL queries to upgrade the database to the 12.7.12 version. The problem is this upgrade script in 3 places has SQL queries that reference database table names in all lower-case letters. This causes the MySQL database upgrade script to fail which in turn causes the whole Web Help Desk upgrade process to fail.

I ran into this same issue when upgrading to the 12.6 version of Web Help Desk and the fix for that was documented in SolarWinds support document at If anyone else has the same Web Help Desk setup then you need to follow the instructions in that support article except for the 12.7.12 SQL upgrade script you need to change references to table names "tech" to "TECH" and "email_template" to "EMAIL_TEMPLATE". After you do this the upgrade process should complete correctly. I submitted a support ticket to SolarWinds about this to let them know of the issue.

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