Emoji in client emails cause complete note failure

This has been a constant issue but I wondered if anyone had found a workaround yet. We allow our clients to reply to tickets via email, and the email reply can also re-open the ticket. 

We get a LOT of people who reply to a ticket with a "Thanks!" and smiley face emoji. That causes the ticket to re-open, but no note is included.

Is there any way to strip emojis out of an email before WHD processes it?

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  • I will see if this works. This is a snip of the error listed in the logs when trying to approve a ticket that has an emoji in the response. It is related to SQL and column 'EXPLANATION' so maybe I only have to touch that one table, where ever that is.

    2023-04-27 14:57:23.367 [MailTicketDaemonExecutor-thread-1] ERROR e.e.eof.ERXEOAccessUtilities - Missing EOFailedAdaptorOperationKey or EOFailedDatabaseOperationKey in com.webobjects.eoaccess.EOGeneralAdaptorException: EvaluateExpression failed: <com.macsdesign.util.MDSMySQLPlugIn$MDSMySQLExpression: "UPDATE whd.TKT_APP_STEP_CLIENT_VOTE SET EXPLANATION = ?, VOTE = ? WHERE ID = ?" withBindings: 1:"Replying with an emo...pdesk.psd150.org%2f>"(explanation), 2:1(vote), 3:6169(id)>:
    Next exception:SQL State:HY000 -- error code: 1366 -- msg: Incorrect string value: '\xF0\x9F\x99\x82\x0D\x0A...' for column 'EXPLANATION' at row 1: {EOAdaptorOperationsKey = ({_adaptorOperator = "EOAdaptorInsertOperator"; _entity = "ClientNote"; _changedValues = {jobTicketId = 174091; clientId = 1089; creatorDisplayString = <com.webobjects.foundation.NSKeyValueCoding$Null>; dateOverride = <com.webobjects.foundation.NSKeyValueCoding$Null>; id = 40178; originalCreationDate = <com.webobjects.foundation.NSKeyValueCoding$Null>; date = 2023-04-27 19:57:23 Etc/GMT; noteText = "Replying with an emoji again. &#x1f642;