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90 Day oAuth Issue

How do you deal with the 90 expiration of oAuth?      We switched over from basic to oAuth authenticaton on M365 for our Help Desk email account and noticed the other day we were not getting any email.      Checked the oAuth status and it had expired.     Didn't get any notification.   The web interface showed the authorization was still valid, but clearly it wasn't.       Went through the authorization process again and it worked, but seems a bit cumbersome to set a reminder to manually check and reauthorize every 90 days.      Anybody have a way to make the process a little easier/more automated?

  • You can't, it is a MS requirement so I have setup a Ticket Task every 85 days to remind to action this.

    A pain if you have multiple Inbound Mai accounts which all need refreshing with new Tokens.

    I did raise a Feature Request on SW to auto refresh the access Token via an API call in background then it will fall-back on the Client ID password Token which I think has a maximum of 24 months in the Azure Setup registration of the App.