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Email account linked to WebDesk


Having started a new IT role within a company I have noticed they have a 'distribution group' linked into Webdesk for the registered email address for incoming and outgoing mail. The current setup translates to receiving an email from the 'distribution group' and then an email from 'Webdesk' with the ticket information. Having is set as a distribution group doesn't seem logical to me. I have checked with the IT team who have all said 'its always been like this' and cant see a reason why it was setup this way.

We are using Exchange online for email hosting.

  • I'm looking to delete the distribution group and re-create it as an O365 mailbox with the same email address. An exchange online plan 1 licence will be used.
  • Use the same 'Oauth' authentication mode, which uses an app registration in Azure (screen grab below)
  • leave the account type as 'Exchange/office 365
  • using the same outgoing mail account (same email address as incoming)
  • same Tech group and Request type

I believe this to work? I have done a similar task in my previous role, however this was using 'Service plus cloud / Manage engine'. I would like to make sure I'm not missing anything which could disrupt the ticket/email flow.

App registered permissions in Azure:

Many Thanks 

  • Your logic is correct. You should not be using a Distribution Group, a 'real' mailbox should be used.

    You are likely to need to get an updated Client ID & Client Secret and thus Token from Azure once the change has been made.