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How can I receive e-mails?


at the moment I can't receive any emails in my helpdesk. I have linked it to my email account, but now when an email is sent to this address, it does not appear as a ticket to me. What can I do?

  • What version are you on, there is a bug that needed you to install a patch that was causing emails not to go out to techs.

  • At the moment I am using the following version: 12.7.4 - Build #

  • Hi Chibs,

    It is probably best to walk you through in steps.

    Restart your help desk, go to Setup > E-Mail > Incoming Mail Accounts, select the account in question, make sure it is still authenticating and showing up green.  If it is red, diagnose the issue.

    If it is green, go to the 'E-Mail History' tab and check any errors that are coming up when it is processing the emails.

    This should give you the majority of the information required to diagnose your email issue.

    - Midnight