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Does anyone know any way to filter e-mails based on the to address?

Right now we have multiple addresses all forwarding to one central address that is checked by WebHelpDesk. What we've been doing to date was having a filter on this address (It's a google workspace account) to put different emails into their own unique labels and removing them from the inbox. Then we add a new incoming address, using our normal accounts credentials, but checking that unique label for messages and when it finds one it assigns it to the appropriate request type. This has been working great for years.

But now... as of the end of this month we have to move all our incoming mail to use OAuth, which I got working. BUT... it only allows one address per account, so our previous method breaks. This means I will need to create dozens of new accounts unless I find another solution.

The easy fix would be having an action rule that could trigger based on the 'To' address, but WHD doesn't allow that. Ugh.

Anyone have any other solutions for this? Thanks