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CC/BCC Other Techs in 12.7.x?

We've been using WHD for a long time, and as recently as 12.6.x, the Assigned Tech for a Ticket has been able to put the email addresses of other Techs in the CC or BCC fields in Recipients, and when those fields are checkmarked, the other Techs get an email when the Assigned Tech clicks Save & Email.

After upgrading to 12.7.8, WHD no longer sends emails for other Techs in the CC/BCC fields.  It happily sends them for Client emails, even when they are mixed in with other Tech emails, but the other Techs specified never get an email.

If this is a Feature, I can't find any mention of it in the documentation or release notes.  Is it a bug?

I did find this in the new documentation:   "If you send an email that includes unauthorized techs and clients in the Cc and Bcc fields, these users cannot open an attachment included in the email. This rule applies to Web Help Desk 12.7.6 and later."  But this has nothing to do with attachments:  WHD doesn't send the email, it just ignores it.

Also, in my environment, all Techs are authorized to see all tickets:  there are no restrictions.  And I'm not even sure what an "unauthorized client" is...if a Client is CC'd or BCC'd on a Ticket, they are by definition authorized to receive emails from it.


  • This bug will be fixed in a future release
    In the meantime, below is a work-around for fixing the issue

    • Add the JVM Argument -Dwhd.12.7.8.not.send.mail.individually=false to the configuration.
    For Windows Server, navigate to <WebHelpDesk>/bin/wrapper/conf/, open the wrapper_template.conf file in a text editor, and add the following line in the # Java Additional Parameters section of that file, setting the next sequential number in the list:<NUMBER>=-Dwhd.12.7.8.not.send.mail.individually=false
    where <NUMBER> is the next proceeding number.

    For Mac or Linux, navigate to the <WebHelpDesk>/conf/ directory, open the whd.conf file in a text editor, and add the following line at the end of the file:
  • Looks like this popped up again 12.7.9, tried changing the config line to 12.7.9 but no luck.

    Edit: the config line still needs to mention 12.7.8 as described above even when using WHD 12.7.9

  • Seems to work fine for me using 12.7.9 - Build #

    The re-issued media which now includes OpenJDK11.1.15 as well