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Tech login after 12.5.2 upgrade


I've read through the documentation re upgrading 12.4.1 to 12.5.2, but I'm still unclear if the Tech accounts have single sign on.

Can anyone confirm if Tech accounts always need to log in with username\password after upgrading?



  • So the way that i understand it is:   If they are just a Tech account that is not associated with a Client account, then the Tech will have to use the WHD username/password that you have defined for them to login to the system.  No LDAP possible in that scenario.

    However - if you pull in Client user accounts from LDAP and there is a Client account for that Tech and you link them together in the setting options for that Tech...then the Tech could log in with the AD username/password (or email/password) that is associated with the Client LDAP account.

  • Thanks for the helpful reply.  It's brought some clarity.  emoticons_happy.png

  • I use ADFS SAML authentication and LDAP connections. Tech accounts are always linked to the client accounts or the tech, and the upgrade has not affected single sign-on for our organization.