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WHD Video in Notes

Our tech are trying to to embed videos as Notes for solutions to Web Help Desk Tickets. We have also tried creating Links in Notes to YouTube videos. Nothing is working. The links get sent as emails and text. Embedding the videos display (with some glitches) within Web Help Desk, but get sent as email with nothing in the Note.

WE are using Web Help Desk 12.2.

Anybody having success doing this?

  • bvondeylen,

    This is a frustrating experience! I see two options:

    1) Disable the auto-youtube "special behavior" formatting within bb_config.xml. This will allow WHD 12.2 to display the URL text instead of attempting to render the video as an embedded player in the note. The downside to this is of course that you will no longer have embedded videos in your answers in the web interface. See the Hidden Gems product blog entry for more info on this, and note that the bb_config.xml file is now (12.2) located within


    2) Alternatively, paste the link like you currently do, but include a shortened redirect link underneath it. This will allow the video to embed normally within the web interface (which is slick, right!?), while also allowing users who only access tickets via email the option to click the link to follow and watch it externally. I used tinyurl to redirect in this example.

    Notes View, as seen from the Tech View or the Client (History) View:

    Email view, as rendered by gmail:


    I hope this helps!