Power BI / SQL Reporting WHD

Looking to get a Power BI Dashboard with data from our Helpdesk database, what I am finding is the priority type / alert levels is having an impact on the data being shown. One of the metrics we report on is tickets that need attention. I am hoping to get a SQL query setup to allow this but I feel I am over complicating it with the amount of conditional logic that would be going on. Does anyone have anything similar they can share?

  • We make extensive use of Request Type (Problem Type in SQL) and Status to sort our tickets. Most of our reporting is SSRS/PowerBI based but I believe our techs use the Dashboard widgets (based on shared queries) for their monitoring.

    One recurring thing I have noticed is the presence of NULL in a lot of fields where one may expect a 0 or 1. We don't report on Priority Type or Alert Levels so I'm not familiar with those fields.