Integrating Jira Service Management with classic Request-o-Matic Web Helpdesk.


I manage the service desk at an MSP. A new client runs a large internal Support Desk using the SW Web Helpdesk. I've never really used SolarWinds software, let along the Web Helpdesk. It is even called Request-O-Matic. They called it ROM. It isn't even called that outside of their organization, I don't think.
Even though there is a lot of documentation about integration between Jira Service Mgmt and SW Web Helpdesk, I am not finding much of it helpful.
If anyone has done this or has any insight, here are the details.

We run Jira Service Mgmt Cloud-based.

We have multiple projects; each one is a unique client with hundreds of end users (customers)

We have set up a project for this new client who already has ticketing software they like, and they plan to keep it for 2024.

I need to figure out how to integrate it so that when a ticket is created in Solar Winds Web Helpdesk a ticket is simultaneously made in that Jira project.
If internal notes are added to a ticket in Jira, they transfer to the internal or private notes on its pair in Solar Winds Web Helpdesk.

We have integrated before; we use Exalate to integrate Salesforce Desk and a Project in Jira Service Mgmt.
We've used emails to integrate OS Ticket, a small, little-known, open-source ticket system. Integrating OS Ticket with a project in Jira Service Mgmt. wasn't clean.  We finally got this client to move to JIRA!
We know Atlassian and JIRA very well, and there is a KB about this; Jira KB is traditionally unreliable, so I was hoping to talk to someone who has experience with this.

Thank you kindly.  I am grateful for any feedback.