Any concerns with WHD when moving the database or updating the SQL Server and/or Server OS?

We are using WHD 12.8.1 (HF1) and would like to migrate the backend database from its current server to a new one. It looks like we can stop WHD at the application level; backup and restore the database to the new location; turn the application back on; change the database configuration in the WHD Application. 

It is still SQL Server, however the database will be restored on a different version of SQL Server with a different OS version.

Are there any concerns we should be aware of? Any configuration changes (other than pointing the application to the new location) required?

We will be going from SQL Server 12 to SQL Server 15.

  • Should be fine, as long as on the new Server the connection user has been setup correctly as it will be dba of the SQL Database.

  • I'm using PostgreSQL and Linux but I recently moved mine to a whole new system (different and newer distro) with no issues. Just shutdown, moved the DB, reconnect on startup and everything came back up just fine.

  • Closing the loop on this. The migration was very smooth from the application's perspective. Where we ran into minor hiccups is likely common to all database/application migrations. We use WHD slightly off-label and to assist in that, and our custom reporting, we have an agent that reads/writes/executes on various tables, functions, procedures, and scripts. Not all the permissions were correctly set before-hand resulting in a bit of a rush on our side as once the application was turned back on we had tickets flowing but some of the automated tasks (external to WHD) weren't yet in place.   
    All things considered, it was straight-forward.