Announcing the release of Web Help Desk 12.7.6

We’re excited to announce the general availability of SolarWinds® Web Help Desk® 12.7.6, in this release we put our focus on addressing many customers reported defects and enhancements while improving the overall security and upgrading some software components.  

Here is a partial list of the content of this release:

  1. Better control on the desired audience for each FAQ and Attachment 
  2. Request type sorting now includes nested types
  3. Several improvements in supporting non english characters (like Arabic, Greek, and more)
  4. New version option for WMI Integration available for Windows
  5. Look & Feel Preview option fixed to show HTML and CSS change
  6. You can now search by company, location, and location custom field
  7. Bullet lists are now display correctly in an FAQ
  8. Agents can't resolve tickets before addressing the outstanding mandatory checklist 
  9. Upgraded Apache Tomcat which provides additional enhancements to further harden the application
  10. You can now select or deselect all request types in the ticket custom field

To see the full release notes, that includes dozens of other bug fixes and enhancements, click here.

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