Announcing the release of Web Help Desk 12.7.13 with new Features

We’re happy to announce the general availability of SolarWinds® Web Help Desk 12.7.13. 

This update provides new features/ enhancements, bug fixes, and important security updates for your SolarWinds Web Help Desk software. 

New Features and Enhancements

  • Saving time by reducing unnecessary steps for more productive agents: We're removing the need to manually add client information to each child ticket by introducing the ability for child tickets to automatically inherit client information from its parent ticket. This feature enhances the existing capabilities of Web Help Desk to run a task and generate multiple child tickets from a single parent ticket.  
  • Giving you easier control of your data. We're expanding the export functionality to another important part of Web Help Desk today. Now you can export your Purchase Order data (csv/xls), similar to existing exports for Tickets, Assets, and FAQs. Giving you easier control of the data for reporting, archival purposes, or further analysis in other tools. 

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