Support for Cisco CallManager 14.5 for CDR Reporting

Currently VNQM only supports up to UCM 12.5 per this page:

Recent upgrade from 12.5 to 14.x broke our CDR reporting.  Please address this.   Reference Solarwinds Case # - 01093534 


  • Same. We are now having to look at our previous vendor for providing the enhanced reporting we previously had. 

  • We're in the same boat. We're currently running 14SU1 and that broke the reporting from CUCM. Apparently this is a 'known' issue with v14.x, but there are are significant reasons to move forward with newer versions of CallManager (security vulnerabilities being among them). We are already planning on implementing 14SU2, so we really need SolarWinds to move forward with getting support in place for v14.x!