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advanced VNQM reports

as everyone knows, VNQM module provides call details anymore(call origin, origin region, call destination, dest. region, call status, MOS, packet loss and etc. from CDR and CMR files) and We have added call managers and subscribers to VNQM module to see call informations. We can see call details without any problem but Orion don't have default reports for Call details. for example;

  • top 10, 20, 30, x failed calls by call managers
  • top 10, 20, 30, x failed calls by regions
  • Worst calls (MOS, Packet loss, latency, jitter and etc.) by regions/call managers

I know that; We can create a new report as Advanced SQL on report writer but Voip tables contains too many records(30 million records). Therefore the queries takes a long time or does not work sometimes(the queries locks the SQL server)

Also I think you need to improve table structure for Voip call details as interface utilization,

interface utilization calculating with 3 tables and All reports works fine for interface utilization


InterfaceTraffic_Detail and