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What is an IPSLA device

Hi guys,

Looking to purchase this product to add to our suite of Solarwinds products and had a question regarding the licensing.

There appears to be 3 tiers listed, the lower tier fits our criteria, however we are unsure as to what an IPSLA device actually is, i'm not sure if we even have any of these.

The trial that we had running i assume was unlimited, so we need to ensure that we buy the correct tier when using it permanently.

Can someone please advise what devices are classed as IPSLA devices?


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  • Got it.

    "Each monitored call manager or active Network Service Assurance device consumes a node license."

    Ok, so you add nodes into VNQM similar to adding them to NPM. The node can be either a 'Network Service Assurance  device(IPSLA)' or a Call Manager so if you do not wish to use the IPSLA features then you can skip setting that up and add only Call Managers.

     Below will allow 50 IPSLA operations, 3000 phones and 400 Call Managers. If you do not wish to use IPSLA then you just need to ensure your call manager node and phone quantities match what you need to manager. Using IPSLA is optional and not needed to manage the call managers.

    • SLA 50 – 50 Network Service Assurance sites, 3000 IP Phones, and 400 nodes

    Perhaps discuss with sales before purchasing so you purchase the correct license.

  • Thanks for the explanation, we had pricing for all tiers, but our phones / call managers fall into the lower tier, we were just unsure as to wether we had or required any IPSLA devices for what we were wanting to achieve, and it doesn't look like we do.