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2022.4 IPSLA Operations are Unknown

Since upgrading to 2022.4 all of my device configured IP SLA operations have a status of unknown and a status message of " Operation not found on the node."  I'm able to remove and re-add operations, so I know it's not a connectivity or credential problem.  On my previous version, 2020.2.5, monitoring these operations worked perfectly.  I've opened a case but it's going nowhere.  Anyone else seen this?

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  • We only use UDP Jitter and only on Cisco NCS 55A2-MOD-S devices.  So it feels like it doesn't work at all.  Even though none of my IPSLAs are working, it's encouraging to know that other device types still work.  But what on earth could they have changed from previous versions to break only specific device types??  Something weird and unrelated to the planned enhancements breaks with every release.

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