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2022.4 IPSLA Operations are Unknown

Since upgrading to 2022.4 all of my device configured IP SLA operations have a status of unknown and a status message of " Operation not found on the node."  I'm able to remove and re-add operations, so I know it's not a connectivity or credential problem.  On my previous version, 2020.2.5, monitoring these operations worked perfectly.  I've opened a case but it's going nowhere.  Anyone else seen this?

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  • - Not sure what your role is or if you're still interested...but I've uploaded the diagnostics and support suggested that the OIDs were returning zeros which implied a problem with the network device.  We investigated that and it turned out to be false.  Then he suggested that upgrading to 2022.4.1 would fix the issue.  I did that and it did not help.  Then he suggested there was a known issue that could be fixed with a buddy drop containing a new DLL.  I've applied that and it did not help and I've now uploaded another diagnostic.  Appreciate any help you can provide.

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