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Are we able to collect 'ring time' information?

Currently we have an external billing server that receives CDR information from our Cisco Call Manager and reports all the statistics that we require including the 'ring time' it took for someone to answer the call.

We have configured our Call Manager to also send the same CDR information to another SFTP server where Solarwinds VNQM collects and processes the information.

When we search the historical VOIP calls from within Solarwinds we see the same information as the billing server except for the 'ring time' field.

Looking at the CDR file that was processed on each box, there doesn't appear to be any reference in the data to indicate a 'ring time' value, that being said there is also no information in this file that shows the start / end time of the call, but BOTH reports have a start / end time.

So the question is i guess, is Solarwinds able to determine what the 'ring time' was? Is it written to the database somewhere already, but not produced by the report by default?

I don't mind writing a custom report should this data be available, but i need to know where it is located.


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